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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW GRANTED MY-MEDICINES.COM ON CELEBRATION OF WORLD KIDNEY DAY AND INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY. I knew Funmi Aiyepekun as a fantastic colleague back in my management consulting days. Learnt about her sweet story years ago and today, we bring you an update. Yes, she gave up her kidney for love! Today being a double celebration…
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Unspoken Benefits of a Power Nap

Do you find yourself nodding off at odd hours during the day time? Do you sometimes feel like you become slow at certain times of the day? If your answers to this were yes, then I think you need to read this. Here are the unspoken benefits of a power nap! Coming from one that…
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How to strengthen your Immunity

In any condition where our immune system fails or is dysfunctional, the ordinary act of brushing our teeth would introduce enough bacteria that would kill us. The immune system can be compared to a group of soldiers dedicated to protect the host (the human body) against invaders (bacteria and viruses) to maintain a balance (healthy…
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“Must Have” Medical household items

A vast majority of human afflictions are not treated by medical providers but are treated at home. Therefore, ensuring that certain items are available at home is essential for making sure key interventions are made on time to elicit proper therapeutic effect.

Athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot, Tinea pedis, is a fungal infection that causes inflammation, itching, blisters, scaling, and burning of the feet and toes. The fungus thrives in warm, moist environments, including the inside of shoes, swimming pools and gym locker rooms, these are locations more occupied by athletes, hence the origination of the name. It is the…
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What do we do when Antibiotics don’t work anymore?

In the pre-antibiotic era, small cuts or mild infections killed many. In the 20th century, the average life expectancy was below 40 worldwide. Those who got infected would have ridiculously high fever, chills, organ failure and then death. Most people in that era didn’t die of Hypertension or Diabetes, they didn’t live that long to…
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Branded Drugs and their comparison with Generic substitutes

In Nigeria, patients seek cost effective medicines, which means they want drugs that are affordable and still effective. Generic brands meet this need. Because they do not go through the discovery, development, research and clinical trial process of the branded drugs, they are manufactured and sold at a lower price. Branded drugs on the other…
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Pharmacist in Nigeria

What can I expect from my Pharmacist?

As a practicing pharmacist myself, I have high expectations whenever I enter another pharmacy for my medications.
An essential part of every pharmacist’s role is the ability to help the patient understand their medication. A story circulating on social media reiterates this fact; in this case, a man who was coerced to use a drug given to him by his spouse came for a refill of what he thought was…